Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Solving Age Problems

Steps to Solving Age Problems:
o Read the question to see if it is a "Now and Then" question.
If it is a Now And Then question, draw a chart with
Now and Then above the columns
Decide which person is going to be X. (Usually the person
being compared to) Enter the relationship for
X and the other person(s)
Read the number of years added or subtracted and
add or subtract from first column. Write this in the Then column
Read the next information. Who are they talking about?
That will be where you put the equal sign, then write the
new relationship.
The box with your equal sign has the equation you need
to solve. Use teeter totter technique to solve for X
Try for the following question
Jen is 32 years older than her cousin Howard. Twenty years ago
Jen was twice as old as Howard was then. How old are they now?

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