Thursday, April 14, 2016

Scale Project

Scale Drawing and Model
You will create a rough drawing of your Dream House. Keep it simple,
as you are also going to create a model of it. It must have the
following: A kitchen, a bedroom, a dining room, a living room and a
bathroom. All doorways and hallways must be 4 feet wide. All doors
must be 3 feet wide. You must have a door on the Bedroom,
bathroom and into the house.
Your rough drawing should be to scale (write down the
measurements as they are on the drawing and what they are in the
real world). The rough drawing is due on Monday, April 18th. (You
can make the rough drawing on Grid paper)
Your Good Copy is due on Friday the 22nd. This cannot be on grid
paper and must have accurate scale as well. The 22nd will also be
a Build day for the model of your house. Use stiff cardboard (like on
cereal boxes) for the walls. They do not have to be tall and you
should not have a ceiling. Your Model is due on Monday the 25th of
April. Be sure to attach your good copy of your drawing and your
Rubric to the model.

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