Thursday, March 14, 2013

Science Review - Cells and Reproduction

Chapter 6 - Scavenger Hunt Review

Be the first to find the answers to the following:

How is sexual reproduction different from asexual reproduction?

What is the function of DNA?

What is a Gamete?

What is a newly fertilized egg called?

What do you call a fertilized egg that has begun to divide and specialize?

What are heterozygous genes/ homozygous genes?

How many chromosomes pairs are there in humans?

What is Cloning? Explain how it is done in three or four sentences.

What is a Genotype? Phenotype?

What is meant by Haploid and Diploid?

Are gametes haploid or diploid? What about other human cells?

How does Sun radiation cause cancer?

How is binary fission similar to cloning?

What is DNA made of?

What does cytosine pair with? What does adenine pair with?

The process of cell division is called?

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